Unlock the success of your next product withour proprietary ingredients.

Our different ingredients are fractions of the alfalfa plant at different steps of our unique process, aiming to fully extract its exceptional nutritional value for humans, animals and soils, while giving ourselves a zero-waste target!

Person handling Alfalfa plant



Experience the difference with Virentia’s nutrient dense alfalfa concentrate — the key to better nutrition and greater well-being.

Increase your nutritional intake with Virentia’s premium alfalfa concentrate. With a 50% protein content, this strong ingredient is rich in essential amino acids and expertly balanced for optimum nutrition. It is also easily digested (PDCAAS of 0.9).

Our concentrate has a blend of essential natural vitamins and minerals for maintaining good health. In fact, each serving amounts to multiple portions of green vegetables. Our proprietary process also enables us to preserve the natural antioxidants — vitamin E, beta carotene and chlorophyll.



Isolating proteins, vitamins and minerals from the plant's fibrous part enables us to produce our microfiber.

This ingredient, rich in soluble and insoluble fibres, has a protein content of roughly 20–30%. We dry these finer microfibres to enhance their value, tapping into their versatility. Our development efforts continue as we aim to fully unleash the potential of this innovative ingredient.



The macrofiber is the fibrous result obtained through the pressing of alfalfa. Still rich in proteins, fibers and nutrients, this ingredient has a variety of applications in the agronomy and animal feed sectors.