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Founded in 2016, Virentia is a biotech company based in Québec, Canada.

Our expertise lies in innovating and manufacturing value-added ingredients obtained through a refined and proprietary extraction process of alfalfa. These compounds with unique properties are then commercialized as nutraceuticals, specialized ingredients for human and animal nutrition.

Our goal is clear.

Making good use of alfalfa for humans, while allowing our planet and our community to thrive.
Feeding people, soils, and communities.


At Virentia, we work with local farmers to build a certified organic alfalfa supply chain to support our local community, while offering our partners the opportunity to help the global community.

Most alfalfa-based ingredients are currently developed for animal feed, not maximizing human health benefits. Our team of farmers, specialists, scientists, and engineers has spent the last six years perfecting Virentia’s proprietary extraction process to address this issue.

Scientist transferring Alfalfa extraction to a test tube


Scientist transferring Alfalfa extraction to a test tube

We have developed a unique, patented process offering a protein- and vitamin-rich alfalfa concentrate with a human-centred approach.

We aim for strict and rigorous quality standards. Certified raw and organic, Virentia’s alfalfa concentrate makes no compromises:

  • Third-party tested for safety and quality
  • Processed, packaged, and stored in an HACCP and GMP environment
  • Compliance with strict, industry-recognized quality specifications


This Québec company specializes in developing and producing valued-added food products from the valorization of alfalfa. 

From the article “Premier Tech invests in Virentia
november 29th 2023, written and published by Premier Tech .


Feed. Protect. Improve.

At Premier Tech, we are all about making a difference by connecting People and Technologies for now 100 years. One team driven by a shared will to deliver sustainable solutions that help feed, protect and improve our world.

Premier Tech has a wide range of products, services, brands and technologies allowing to increase crop yields, bring beautiful gardens to life, automate the handling and packaging operations of many manufacturing facilities, treat and recycle water, support companies in their digital transformation and offer bio-ingredients for the well-being of humans and animals.

Premier Tech today records sales of more than one billion dollars and is growing internationally, driven by its 5 200 team members in 28 countries. This is our time as we move Beyond 100.



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